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Not since Going Vertical … or We have Walls … have I had a more exciting (at least to us) blog post. We received the gemstone of our house last week … the granite! Did you know that Granite is defined as: “a coarse-grained igneous rock composed chiefly of orthoclase and albite feldspars and of quartz, usually with lesser amounts of one or more other minerals, as mica, hornblende, or augite.”? Well, now you do.

Our great granite quest had a few fits and starts, but with a little help from our friends at Surface EnCounters and Global Granite & Marble, we discovered a wonderfully-exotic stone — called Ice Brown — that now graces our kitchen and bathroom countertops. Among friends, I have been “analogizing” our house choices to food … our walls are the color of hot chocolate; our cabinets look like Hershey bars; and our granite is like chocolate chip ice cream (with hints of caramel). Are you hungry yet?

I was so excited about the event of having our countertops installed that I took the afternoon off work to observe. I got to see the crew lay the counters, cut and polish the backsplashes, set the sinks, and drill holes for the faucets. Ed even joined me telling everyone it was like giving his wife a diamond ring, this event. We had been looking forward to seeing the results of our selection and design. When we made this choice, I decided to enlarge the surface area of the kitchen island to showcase this slab. We are not disappointed. In addition, I became the giddy recipient of some of the “scraps” of these efforts, which I promptly rounded up to show off at the office.

The light (or lack of it) in our house at this time hardly does justice to this lovely stone. In future blog posts, you will see it sparkle and come to life as illumination is increased. Once our house is finished and we move in with furnishings, I will provide more elegant photos of our choice of rock, plus, I will enter our kitchen in the before and after photo contest for Surface EnCounters (thanks, Wendy). I will also share a full-blown testimonial about our “granite experience” that I have promised to write.

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