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… and it was good. These fixtures really light up the place, literally. We have most of our lights installed — still waiting on the bathroom and dining room fixtures, as well as two additional ceiling fans, however, you can get a feel for the theme of our illumination. Westfield Lighting is the provider of these fixtures. We chose mostly standard lighting options, with exception of the kitchen — in which we have under-cabinet xenon lights, and a “hockey puck” light in the corner glass-front cabinet.

Be sure to notice the “S” pendants in the kitchen. These are Ed’s sentimental expression of personalization for us Shaffers. They were first installed in a North/South direction so it was hard to “read” them from throughout the house, so we rotated these lights clockwise a scootch so they can be enjoyed (and each read as an “S”) by all. Now there is no doubt they are our monogram.

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