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A little bit of luxury came our way today … our carpet was installed. I believe ours is the only one of the five units in the rotation that will not have any wood or laminate floors. Having spent time on the West Coast and in Texas, we’re used to mostly stone and tile  floors — with carpet here and there. So, we continued that tradition in this Indiana home. We are very pleased with the way it has turned out. We have a light color and texture (square pattern) in the downstairs – Shaw Crystal Visions, color: Natural Wool, while for the stairs and upstairs we chose a bit darker, more utilitarian carpet – Shaw Baseline, color: Thornwood. They both feel great on bare feet, as I found out today when I was doing my “quality check.” This was the first time I dared to take my shoes off inside our new house — so much dust and construction debris around, I didn’t want to tear up my feet. But today … aaahhh! The place looks almost livable now.

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