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One of our most extravagant upgrades, in my opinion, is our master shower. This room (the shower) in itself is a family-sized space with tile from floor to ceiling, a built-in alcove/caddy for shampoo, etc., and a huge dual-swing heavy tempered glass door. In a previous post, I told you all about the tile, so this post is dedicated to the door. This glass entry into a luxurious spa is attached to the wall with heavy clamp-style brushed nickel hinges. On purpose, it swings both inward and outward, to accommodate easy entrance and egress, while wet or dry. Before showering, one can open the door inward and conveniently reach the shower valve to turn on the water and let it warm up before entering the flow. While in the shower, one can relax on the corner seat, or stand under the shower head, and peer through the glass door at a perfect angle to view the TV on the opposite corner of the bathroom. Finally, once finished showering, the door can be opened either inward or outward to reach a towel on the outside handle/bar or a robe on the hook just outside the door. While closed, the shower door is such a perfect fit that it is virtually sealed in the door opening — creating a wouderful warm steam encasement. AAAhhh, need I say more?

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