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Previously, on Maple View Build (the blog): our trees were delivered, and the holes for them were being dug.  “They started on the east side of the house and got as far as the second hole, when … oops …” … the drill bit hit a gas main!

I had been leaning over the fence taking pictures of the drilling when this unfortunate event occurred. It’s pretty amazing how quickly one can get into gear when there’s a realization that gas is literally roaring out of the ground and that’s what is spraying smelly dirt and debris into your face. Fortunately, however, the crew sprung into action — and the gas company, the fire department, the landscaping company management, and The Maples developers were all on the scene within a few minutes to assess and fix the problem.

All of the immediate neighbors were evacuated, and we watched from down the street as the various parties devised a plan, turned off the gas, and began the corrections. It was not a quick fix; in fact, it took all day. However, we now have a new section of the gas line where this short-lived tree hole had been. And, we have a new valve and access pipe farther down the line where a small leak was discovered — all without having to deprive the neighboring sub-division of their gas service, and only causing a minor disruption of gas service for our house and our immediate neighbor.

Hittle Landscaping decided to round up and remove all of the unplanted trees from the property — to come back with a different plan on a different day. So, we’ll just have to wait for the installation of our timberland.

Thanks to The Westfield Fire Department, Citizens Gas, The Maples at Spring Mill, and even to Hittle Landscaping for avoiding any injury and further damage to the properties and homes on our street.

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